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Dearest Bill,

After the death of my husband two years ago I thought my life was over. I expected to die of a broken heart still loving him and only him. I was basically living a life as a zombie going through life with no feelings just dead to the world. I could not even relate to my own brothers and sisters who tried so hard to lift my spirit and offer counselling/support.

holding hands in new romantic love letterThat office dinner I could not get out of going to. It was then that I noticed you. Yes, we had met before but I had not noticed you then. It was something truly different a feeling I had never felt before when you came over to me and I saw what was in your eyes. My stomach churned uneasily. You asked me to dance I wanted to say “NO” but the words refused to come out. You took my silence as a “yes” and took my elbow leading me to the dance floor.

It was then I looked up again into your eyes. My heart seemed to move within my body in a totally unexplainable way. It was something I had never felt before. It felt like my body was trying to escape from your arms but there was an inner fight going on with me. My body was arguing with my body wanting to run away but wanting to stay there in your strong comforting arms. A real magical feeling.

We walked to the balcony it seemed so natural to be led by you. It was as though you had done it to me hundreds of time before. Then you touched my lips with yours just lightly but I seemed to explode with energy and our lips locked together with superglue. I felt out of control and I was loving that freedom to be with you.

Yes, we spent the rest of that night together and I just could not believe the power and energy we had. It has been three weeks since that first kiss and I have not been home at any time since then. I feel I am walking on clouds with you and I love it.

I lived my life as a zombie but you have brought me back to life. You have allowed to enter into a world of feeling again. I walk along the street to go to work and I see flowers that smile back at me. Children running and laughing together brings laughter to me as well and my hart begins to bounce with joy as I almost skip along the road to the bus stop.

Yes, you can tell I am happy with you. I may not know exactly what is happening within me but I need time just to grow again. You have made me see I am a fast learner and you are a truly wonderful teacher.

All I can say to you is I love you and you are my world.

Always yours,



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