Tender Love

Dear Ruel,

I'll always remember this day, today, tomorrow, until my memory fades to black. It's as if I was awakened from my sleep. I felt like breathing again. I never thought that someone could make me feel this alive. I'd surely treasure those memories we've shared till I grow old. It is true - you'll never know true love till you get burned. You'll never realize what you got until you say goodbye.

I want to tell you many things. I want to share my feelings with you. I want to speak my heart out. I haven't mustered enough courage to tell you how much I feel for you. What I want to say is I've loved you since day one. Since we said hellos, I know deep inside me, you'll be a part of me. I've loved everything about you. I've loved you clandestinely; I kept it so hard I almost died inside.

It really pained me so much when I learned about the girl. It hurts when you're holding onto something in vain, but really wasn't there. I've loved you since day one. Those times when you were near, I waited untiringly. Yet I waited for nothing. Reality bites and it really broke my heart when I finally realized you never really loved me. If and when you have loved me, that was not enough for you to hold onto that feeling. I'm coping now but uncertain when I can really say I'm over you. I dread the day that you'd be getting married. I feel like I'm going to die. So I always ask Him to take away all these pains and let me move on with my life.

Love Always,



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