Will You Be Mine, Now And Forever?

Dear Larry,

My Dearest Larry, I met you 5 months ago on the Internet, and since that time, I have grown to love you so deeply. I have heard it said that online romances don't last, but I disagree. I know that what we are doing may be considered wrong by some, but I also know what I feel in my heart, and I know that it's real.

I lay awake at night, sometimes, and I cry 'cause I miss you so much. I know that we can't change the past, and I know that we can't predict the future, but my heart does not lie ... I am so in love with you.

When you kiss me so tenderly, my heart skips a beat. When I look into your beautiful blue eyes, I can see how much you love me. When we make love so sweetly and passionately, I can feel the emotion just by holding you closely... we may not be married to each other, but our love still goes on, and I just want you to know that you are precious to me and no matter how this story turns out, I will always love you, now and forever. I love you, Baby....

Love always,

from loving you


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